141 East 12th Street
Holland, MI 49423

PetalCab LLC was started by Matt Wright, a junior at Hope College. Matt has a passion for cycling, enjoys spending time outdoors, and loves working with people. The idea for the PetalCab was born after Matt spent hours exploring the city of Holland on his bicycle, and realized the unique perspective of the city that riding on his bike gave him. The beautiful homes and buildings in Holland combined with the sprawl of the sites in Holland create the perfect mix for a pedicab in the community. The PetalCab makes that one-of-a-kind perspective available to people of all ages and activity levels.

Matt and the rest of the drivers with the PetalCab are passionate about completing the experience of visitors and residents of Holland. We want to connect individuals to the many different events and attractions offered in the city, all while creating a unique ride of our own. We’re excited about providing a fun, informational, and environmentally friendly way of seeing the city and moving from place to place.

Feel free to reach out to Matt directly at or 616-613-6634 with questions or interests in working with PetalCab!

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