24 East 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423

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Confectionery delights including chocolates, fudge and ice cream.

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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

184 South River Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

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Orange Leaf is America’s Frozen Yogurt™. We believe that the average American wants to make healthier decisions, but will most likely not make the healthier decision when given the choice between a rich and creamy traditional frozen dessert and an icy, bland frozen yogurt. At Orange Leaf, we provide you with decadent flavors reminiscent of your childhood trips to the local dessert shop as well as fruit-based flavors that will suit even the most health conscious individuals.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt & Gelato

6 West 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423

WiFi Outdoor Seating

It’s delicious! It’s healthy! It’s fun! Peachwave offers a self-serve frozen yogurt experience that lets you create your own masterpieces by selecting from 16 constantly changing flavors and 60+ fruit and other fun toppings. Approximately 90% of Peachwave yogurt flavors are fat free and all are packed with live and active yogurt cultures (28 million per ounce!) that are helpful for your digestive system. Lactose free and sugar free flavors are always offered, too.

A cozy indoor fireplace area is great year round!

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