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Speramus Meliora. Resurgent Cineribus. Photography by Steve Karsten

Saturday Jul 23
Holland Area Arts Council
150 East 8th Street

July 22 – August 26

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" ‘Speramus Meliora. Resurget Cineribus.’ We hope for better things. It will arise from the ashes." The motto chosen for Detroit in 1805 after a disastrous fire, now seems strangely applicable today. Detroit has been the epicenter of many developments and devastations of America. This exhibit focuses on photos of Detroit from 2013-2015, as the city entered into, struggled to climb out, and eventually emerged from what remains to be the largest municipal bankruptcy filing (by debt) in U.S. history. Steve’s photos are not post-mortem, but rather an example of his belief in the redemption of Detroit.

Steve Karsten, 33, lives uncomfortably in Holland, Michigan. He likes to explore the known and unknown, is comfortable in uncomfortable places (sometimes vice versa), and seeks beauty in everything. Steve prefers to shoot on film because it slows down the process and may be seen going up the down staircase. He has two fur children (dog and cat).


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