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The Legal Immigrants - Live Music @ Pub on 8th

Friday Aug 5 10:00pm – Saturday Aug 6, 2016 1:00am
New Holland Brewing Company
66 East 8th Street

The Legal Immigrants play Rock ‘N’ Roll music, a genre often tasted but seldom savored. The band hails from various parts of Michigan, but they are currently nestled in the clean streets of Grand Rapids. Once described as some strange alien cross-breeding of The White Stripes and The Rolling stones. Their frenetic style often leaves concert goers with more questions than answers. The band was formed by Joe Bockheim (guitar/vocals) the day after Michael Jackson dies. A mutual friend linked he and Tony Lubenow (drums), and the pair have since been inseparable.. Trevor Reidsma (lead guitar) joined the pair in 2013, making a trio. Tony grew lonely as a one-man rhythm section, which prompted Kevin Kitsch (bass) to join the band in 2014.


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