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A Sense of Place: Imagined Landscapes by Katherine Bourdon

Thursday Jul 6
Holland Area Arts Council
150 E. 8th Street

In Katherine Bourdon’s body of work, subconscious memories of many nonspecific locations (“sense of place”) are compiled, disassembled, and reconstructed to formulate new, imaginary locations (“imagined landscapes”). While the images are inspired by actual places, the process of painting results in a novel and independent landscape.

Bourdon’s artwork is rooted in her experiences as a musician. Within each painting she works subconsciously in terms of sound quality: repetition of a visual element becomes rhythm; line and color transform into melody and harmony. In these works, the landscape becomes transformed in the process of creation and improvisation. She prefers to improvise rather than plan the painting, and she presents shapes found in natural and urban environments as abstract forms. The subject matter is examined and interpreted; she is not interested in direct representation.

Absorb her work in the Armstrong Gallery at the Holland Area Arts Council. The exhibit and July 9 opening are free and open to the public.


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