Downtown offers recycling to visitors providing two green recycling cans on 8th Street, located on 8th Street between River and Central, and another on 8th Street between Central and College Avenues.

Downtown residents are part of the City’s recycling program and are offered co-mingled recycling just like other residents of the City.

Downtown merchants do their part, as well, by recycling all materials possible, whether it be light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges, metal, cardboard or through composting food waste, paper, plastics or through TerraCycle for hard to recycle materials. Some merchants operate as “zero waste businesses” (100% waste free meaning generating no landfill waste.) Tree Huggers also offers workshops on environment-related topics such as composting, rain barrels, beekeeping, making your own cleaning products and more.

“We make purchasing decisions based on the way in which products are made, packaged, and shipped in order to find better ways to leave a smaller footprint.”
-Matthew Scott, Lemonjello’s.

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